Put this at the top of your list:

If you're gearing up for the holiday season, you're jotting down your own wish list and racking your brain for that perfect gift to give your friends, family, or someone you love. If you know someone who doesn't have health insurance, there's one thing you can do right now: Help get them covered.

Because the best gift you can get in the new year is the comfort of knowing you're covered.

So if you need health care coverage in 2015, treat yourself: Go to, apply, and get covered today.

Get Covered

Already covered? Then give the gift of health:

Get someone you care about to go to so they can find the coverage they need in 2015.

Join the Team

Getting someone else covered is exactly what Don did. Two years ago, he and his family were dealt a devastating blow when his hardworking, 35-year-old son Daniel was diagnosed with brain cancer. The operation and medical care made employment impossible, and this year, Daniel lost his job.

So Don went to and helped his son sign up for a subsidized plan that will pay 94% of his medical expenses for a monthly premium of $45.

As more and more Americans become covered, insurance companies will compete for their business. That will help lower costs for all of us.

That's peace of mind for less than a phone bill. So if you need health care, check out your options at -- and if you're already covered,commit to get someone covered for 2015.

It's easy, it's affordable, and it's the best gift you can give yourself or someone you love.

Thanks -- and stay tuned for more ways you can help get America covered for 2015.



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